Visit and teaching in Agia Sofia - Ermonassa SA
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Visit and teaching in Agia Sofia

Visit and teaching in Agia Sofia

An educational visit to the construction site of the Center for Sport, Memory and Culture “Agia-Sofia” was held today by the School of Technical Education of the Engineers of the National Technical University of Athens.

The visit took place in the course of the Foundations and Soil Mechanics, in which DIMAND engineer Panos Panagiotidis analyzed all the difficulties of the project, mostly the expansion from 26 to 29 acres in order to reach the capacity of the new stadium at the level of 30 thousand seats.

Students saw how the excavations and foundations of such a great project are taking place, something happening for the first time on a football field! The details of the static study were analyzed by Andreas Giannakas, responsible for a static project study on behalf of the TTA SA study company, Mr. Telemachus Tsiknia.

Also present were Alexandros Metaxas of our construction company Ermonassa and George and Panagiotis Vagenas of “Vagenas Technical Company”. At the end of the visit, a commemorative plaque with the school’s badge was delivered to “Dikefalos 1924 Construction SA”.