Our company - Ermonassa SA
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Our company

Get to know Ermonassa

ERMONASSA SA is a continuation company of METKANT LTD a medium size innovative company in the Greek construction sector. Established in 1993 continues offering a broad range of constructional services.


Company’s policy is to create buildings which stand out both in terms of the high quality of the end product as well as in terms of the efficiency of the construction process. This in turn results in the saving of time and money for the client and increased profitability for the company.


ERMONASSA SA deals with the construction of Public and Private Projects and is a holder of Certificate (grade E) in electromechanical, constructional, water supply and road construction projects.


At the same time, the company deals with many projects that are sold at auction with system research-construction. Relative studies are held by the research department of the company under the control of the technical director.


Our company maintains the projects it makes in terms of the provided guarantee for 1,5 years on average after finishing the project.


The organizational structure of the company is adjusted to the aims and specificities of a modern and specialized technical company.


ERMONASSA SA with its experienced co-workers, modern mechanical equipment and valuable experience in all the fields of technical projects is able to give technically and economically correct solutions to complicated construction problems of today.


ERMONASSA SA is also active in the waste management sector and takes part in a collective system for the alternative management of construction and demolition waste and has the expertise to organize similar projects around the world. Moreover, the company has constructed wastewater treatment plants and provides services for their operation.

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